Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lightfields Wins Battle of the Bands Spring 2010


Thanks to everyone that helped with the Rockitz Battle of the Bands Spring 2010, including sponsors Metro Sound, Amanda Sound, Snake Oil Recording, and Compound Studio. In the end, Lightfields edged ahead to take the prize, but it was very
close, all of the bands were great. There is more information at, and we'll be posting more videos soon.

We estimated over a 1,000 hours of volunteer time was involved to book
the shows, schedule the bands, judge, run sound, lights, MC logistics,
scoring, shooting, editing, and posting video, and many other duties.

This is the sixth Battle we have hosted, and we plan to refine and
improve the concept, and make it better. We'd love to hear from comments from any bands about the contest, and any ideas for the future. The plan is to hold another one this fall, let us know as possible if you want play.


Annoying Things

I got called by some front operation for the fossil fuel industry called "American Power Association," who asked me a couple of questions. One said "Do you think the EPA's proposal to regulate carbon dioxide will hurt small businesses? And another one similar to that.

But they called the wrong guy, and I politely but firmly gave the answers they did not want to hear.

Best title of an article: "How's that Drilly thing going now?" This was in Huffington Post.

The BP oil spill is a terrible thing, and we all contribute to it. Instead of pushing change in government, we're probably running down the rathole of Facebook postings, and driving our huge cars around and cranking up the oil heat, or using plastic bags and bottles, all made of oil. All of us are to blame for this mess, and we create the demand for oil.