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Sunday, July 18, 2010


Here is the area I'd sit and read early in the morning as the sun came up. Splendid view of Assateague across the channel, and I saw a half dozen ponies one morning over there. The place is Snug Harbor on the East Side of the island, and it's a dozen little cabins and a small marina. Great place to stay on Chincoteague, quiet and beautiful.
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Wild Horse On Assateague

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We were amazed at how many "wild" horses we saw when entering the national park on Assateague. They were lining the side of the road, and there were a dozen cars stopped, horses crossing back and forth on the road. People were petting them, and walking behind them, taking pictures. The ranger that came up on a bike to help clear the road was warning us that the ponies bite, and even have kicked cars.

We were standing beside a large pile of poop when a horse came over and started his business on the big pile. We moved back to safety, and figured out they liked to put it all in one place, wonder why?

Later we saw more horses yanking food off picnic tables in front of people, including marshmallows and deli sandwiches. They stayed awhile, the people there taking pictures and enjoying the show. I'd move out myself and take as much of the food as possible.

So if you want to see plenty of horses from your car, just go to the Maryland side of the island, about an hour's drive from Chincoteague, but well worth the effort. Your Assateague pass is good on both parts, bring it along for entry in Maryland or vice versa.