Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Neatles at YMCA Come and Get It Badfinger

Rockitz TV Part 1

Virginia Holocaust Museum Tour-Interview with Jay Ipson

Metro Sound - Interview With Mark Szafranski

St James Church Armenian Food Festival

17th Street Farmer's Market Coco and Lafe September 17, 2010

17th St Farmers Market Slide Show with Music

Dominion Riverrock 2010 Part 1

Dominion Riverrrock Part 2

Dominion Riverrrock Part 2

Cartwheels and Coffee

Carytown Cupcakes

Carytown Tobacco and Gifts

Gypsy Band at Ellwood Thompson Live

Paralyzed Veterans of America Playing Field

Richmond Folk Festival - No BS Brass Band-Peter Rowan

CECO Hair Studio in Carytown

Helping Hands Veterinary Surgery.wmv

Nuclear Power Video

Cy Taggart Affordable Audio Tour and Interview

Simple Gizmo at Powhatan Food Festival Part 1

Simple Gizmo Powhatan Food Festival Part 2 Rape Me Nirvana

Simple Gizmo Powhatan Food Festival Part 3

Simple Gizmo Powhatan Food Festival Whisper Out Your Name Part 4

Moss Garden

Hamaganza 2009 Poes Pub Jonathan Austin Sings

Hamaganza 2009 Poe's Pub Jonathan Austin Fire Demonstration

Hamaganza Poes Pub Vapor Rhinos 2009

Hamaganza 2009 Poe's Pub Vapor Rhinos Song 2

Hamaganza Poe's Pub Cheerleader Section

Hamaganza 2009 Sean McClain Santa Bring My Baby Back

Hamaganza 2009 Poe's Pub Melissa Chase

Hamaganza 2009 Poe's Pub Sean McClain Cramps Tune

Hamaganza 2009 Sean McClain Cramps Song 2

Hamaganza 2009 Poe's Pub These Boots Are Made For Walking

Hamaganza 2009 Poe's Pub Sean McClain Cramps

Hamaganza 2009 Poe's Pub Blue Christmas

Arts In The Park Documentary 2010

Hamaganza 2009 Poe's Pub Beastie Boys

Electric Croude Rehearsal Tapes

Kirsten Hazler at the Science Museum Go Green Festival

Earth Day 2010 Documentary

Hour of Joy Highway Views Series

Spaceman Music Video

Out on the Streets Music Video

Hang On Sloopy Mr Wiggily and His Fabulous Sump Pumps

Fredericksburg Lee Hill Documentary

Mr Wiggily High Heeled Sneakers Music Video

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Spaceman- By Brooke Saunders

This is one my favorite recordings I've made, done at Studio Nico, 320 Brook Road, with Apcowlypso. I plan to re-record it one day, but this rough version really says it like I want!