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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Comparisons betwee Canon Powershot and Polaroid

We carefully selected a Canon Powershot 2.5 megapixel camera a few years ago, based on a review by Consumer Reports. The camera was excellent in all respects, and we were sad when the CCD chips died, and it had to be thrown away. So in the meantime my wife had gotten a similar camera in many ways, though it was 8 megapixel, and made by Polaroid.

This one was a great disapointment on various levels, the most important one being that it could not generate a clear image indoors without a flash, like the Powershot could. If you changed it to manual, the options are too complex, f stop, shutter speed, etc, for an amateur like me.

So I would be forced to use a flash and get washed out colors just to use the camera indoors. Outdoors, the pictures it takes are fine, though not much better than the Canon.

Other complaints: The Polaroid only contains two AA batteries, and it runs down fast. The Powershot has four, much better.

The navigation is not nearly as good or intuitive as the Powershot, and the feel of the Polaroid camera and general look is not as sleek as the silver metal of the Powershot. Otherwise the cameras are the same in features.

So next time we buy a basic bottom of the line camera, it's Canon all the way.

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